What is Alt Think?

What Is Alt-Think:

Back in the days when I worked at Shorey’s Bookstore, often I would stumble across various printed items of historical interest. Since part of understanding what is read depends on the ability to grasp the contents of the idea, I

Shorey’s was a repository of knowledge to be stumbled over, and among them were a few issues of an enigmatic periodical simply titled: “THINK”

“THINK” is a motto coined by Thomas J. Watson in December, 1911, while managing the sales and advertising departments at the National Cash Register Company. In 1914 Watson brought the motto with him to Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR), which later became IBM.

International Time Recording published a magazine, Time, for employees and customers that, in 1935, IBM would rename THINK. Years later, IBM continued to use the motto as an IBM trademark, including naming its line of laptop computers ThinkPads.

The Apple slogan “Think Different” has been widely taken as a response to IBM’s THINK. “Think different” was an advertising slogan for Apple Inc in 1997 was used in a television commercial, several print advertisements and a number of TV promos for Apple products. Apple’s use of the slogan was discontinued with the start of the Apple Switch ad campaign in 2002.

The Creator of “Think Different”

While some out there believe Jobs cut the tagline down from the adverb “differently” to the noun “different,” in fact the tagline came to Jobs the way we read it today. In fact, copywriter Craig Tanimoto came up with the slogan. “IBM has a campaign out that says ‘Think IBM’ (it was a campaign for their ThinkPad), and I feel Apple is very different from IBM,” Tanimoto told Siltanen. “So I felt ‘Think Different’ was interesting. I then thought it would be cool to attach those words to some of the world’s most different-thinking people.”

Rainbow Wizard

“Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot’ than the stigma of conformity.”Thomas J. Watson ~ IBM